I, Bernard P. Martin Jr CPA, CMM, founded my own tax practice in 2002. It is located in beautiful Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant, I am also a Certified Minerals and Royalty Asset Manager.

I have a passion and goal to be the absolute best in what I do. To accomplish this, my tax practice focuses in just two particular areas: Natural Gas Tax Planning and Retirement Tax Planning.  As a result of my specializations, I have been able to catch both of what I believe were the two biggest tax oddities to affect our area.

First, as far as with Retirement Tax Planning, I was not aware of anyone utilizing a little known concept of Net Unrealized Appreciation of Company Stock for those individuals retiring from the Procter & Gamble Mehoopany plant. I believe I was the very first person in our area to uncover this unique tax strategy. As a result this advanced tax strategy, if appropriate for the individual, the client could change some ordinary income into capital gains and pay taxes at a lower tax rate while simultaneously providing them with a more flexible strategy to withdrawal their funds.(*)

Secondly, as far as Natural Gas Tax Planning, I also was able to recognize the potential tax pitfall of taking the Initial Upfront Lease Bonus over several years instead of in a lump sum. There were numerous other tax oddities that I uncovered dealing with natural gas taxation that I was able to recognize and protect my clients from potential future conflicts with the IRS.

There is no charge for initial consultations.

(*)Financial services are offered through a separate company, Straightforward Wealth Management, LLC. Click here www.straightforwardwealthmgmt.com.